We are a performance-driven, full-service merchant bank with the flexibility, to put capital to work across a wide spectrum of asset classes and capital structures with diverse levels of risk, return and investment horizons.

We are an alternative to fee-driven institutions and funds with rigid, inflexible parameters that invest vast blind pools of capital in highly specific asset classes tying up investors’ money for extended periods of time. Our deal-by-deal approach breeds flexibility, allowing us to opportunistically source and execute deals with varied return parameters and capital structures. By investing deal-by-deal, we react quickly to take advantage of deals in our ever-changing market. The cyclicality of asset classes and specific return targets make it difficult for our competition to make money in any environment. Our combination of vast skill sets and selective approach allows Endeavor to invest in the asset class that gives us the best chance to make money in any specific market. Our singular focus is to source the best off-market opportunities from our vast network and apply our institutional skill sets to diligence, structuring, closing and asset management to drive maximum returns to our investment partners.