The Endeavor Companies invests in virtually any asset class anywhere within the capital structure. We believe flexible investing on a deal-by-deal basis is the best strategy to maximize returns because it allows us to see a multitude of under-the-radar deals, select the best ones, and structure each deal appropriately to drive an absolute return to our investors. We are not interested in relative performance. We endeavor to drive absolute returns regardless of benchmarks or market conditions.

Although we have the capacity to invest in virtually any size deal, we tend to source small to mid-cap deals requiring investments of $2 million to $30 million per deal. Our institutional skill set in an entrepreneurial environment creates an edge for Endeavor and our investors, allowing us to drive outsized returns on our invested capital. It is our experience, expertise, and network of sources that provide the foundation for us to invest on a deal-by-deal, pre emptive basis and close private equity and real estate deals in a timely manner. We perform high levels of due diligence and underwriting on each opportunity, develop complex financial models stressing scenarios and outcomes, apply strong risk-management protocols and active asset management to drive returns to the upside while preserving capital and protecting the downside. We manage the process from start to finish with a nimbleness, professionalism and focus that is unique within the entrepreneurial markets in which we compete. As needed, we can assemble and manage a team of best-in-class operating partners to help us execute our strategy. After each closing, we provide hands-on asset-management stewardship to track the progress of our investment and troubleshoot when necessary to protect our investors’ capital.

We evaluate returns on an absolute basis and endeavor to drive outsized absolute returns on each deal while minimizing downside risk. We evaluate each off-market, under the radar deal on its merit and perform due diligence before presenting it to our investment partners on a deal-by-deal basis. They can choose to participate or not, giving them control of their investment strategy.